Botswana blog: Days 1-4

The Botswana 4x4 trip has come to an end, and the end of a trip is always bittersweet. This bittersweet is further multiplied when you've spent vacation out of touch with the rest of the world. Yes, you miss your friends, family and pets; you're a bit curious about current events; you might even miss … Continue reading Botswana blog: Days 1-4

Botswana Blog: the country

This is part of a series of posts leading up to our big Botswana road trip, which will begin from Johannesburg on 24 March 2018, just shy of three weeks from now. For information on what we're doing, see the first post here. Botswana has often been considered one of the most stable countries in … Continue reading Botswana Blog: the country

Botswana blog – getting prepared

In just under a month Ricky and I will drive into the Botswana wilderness. Or its wild roads, at least. To prepare, I’m doing a bit of background research. We will, after all, be out of service and contact with the rest of the world for days at a time (yay!) so writing my own … Continue reading Botswana blog – getting prepared

Botswana Blog

Lions and rhinos and bush pigs – OH MY In just about a month, my husband and I will set off on a new adventure: a two-week journey from Johannesburg through Botswana. I have never been to Botswana and consider this the opportunity of a lifetime! Check out my newest posts on this journey: Botswana … Continue reading Botswana Blog