Exciting news (times two)!

Hello everyone - I have some big news to share! 1. I'm officially a registered guide in two countries. Leopardess in Klaserie in May You probably guessed it, but those countries are South Africa and the United States. The process was a long and challenging one, but was totally worth it. Lovely morning watching wild … Continue reading Exciting news (times two)!

Botswana blog: days 14-15

There is one redeeming quality in a 24-hour stomach flu: it only last 24 hours. When we awoke on the 14th morning, my husband was finally feeling human again. As you might recall from my last post, he had gotten violently ill the previous night (at 2am) and nearly scared a hippo to death with … Continue reading Botswana blog: days 14-15

Vanishing As a Way to Reclaim Your Life

Recommended! I love this essay. If you have a moment, read it.


Laura Smith | The Art of Vanishing | Viking | February 2018 | 22 minutes (5,980 words)

I have long been in the habit of passing by houses and wondering about the people who live inside. I grew up in a residential neighborhood in Washington, D.C., the kind where the homes are close together and neighbors often wind up knowing more than they might like to. Before dinner, I would escape my house to walk our little white lapdog. The predictability of the ritual — setting the table, filling water glasses, the sight of my parents’ briefcases in the hall — filled me with dread. A day had ended exactly as it had the day before, and it would end the exact same way the next day and possibly forever.

This wasn’t how I wanted my life to be. I imagined that when I grew up, I would live all…

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