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A 4×4 journey from Johannesburg to Botswana and back

In March and April 2018, my husband and I traveled in a rented 4×4 truck (nicknamed Blake) from Johannesburg to the Botswana border, up to Moremi, Chobi and Makgadikgadi parks and back. We found ourselves face-to-face with giants (elephants, rhinos and baobabs!), tracking lions, cooking on open fires, witnessing big sky sunsets and sunrises, listening to hyenas in the night, and much much more.

To plan your own trip and learn from our experiences, check out my posts on this journey:

Views like this…

Google search result for ‘Okavango Delta sunset’ 🙂

And maybe a few close wildlife encounters…

My dad on a previous trip near Kruger – a close view of a lion kill

I’m sure our experiences in Botswana will provide a good amount of inspiration. There were the inevitable mishaps and blunders as we navigated foreign terrain. Driving a large 4×4 across sand and badly paved roads, sleeping in nature reserves and game parks, eating whatever we could find in local shops, taking some awesome photos of wildlife.

Please follow along on this adventure! It was entertaining, challenging and humorous – and hopefully will inspire you to try something new and maybe a bit scary! To round this pitch out, here is one of my favourite wildlife shots from a recent trip to Pilanesberg:

Three giraffe looking out for something – perhaps my next blog post?