Exciting news (times two)!

Hello everyone - I have some big news to share! 1. I'm officially a registered guide in two countries. Leopardess in Klaserie in May You probably guessed it, but those countries are South Africa and the United States. The process was a long and challenging one, but was totally worth it. Lovely morning watching wild … Continue reading Exciting news (times two)!

Parlez-vous français? Honeymoon week 1: France

"When you're in France, speak french," the officer said to me, his hair slicked back, eyes narrowed, looking like the corrupt character in a French crime novel. I did my best to convey our situation: "oui, monsieur...notre voiture - elle était garée, maintenant elle est partie..." Our car, which we had parked just up the … Continue reading Parlez-vous français? Honeymoon week 1: France