Exciting news (times two)!

Hello everyone – I have some big news to share!

1. I’m officially a registered guide in two countries.
Leopardess in Klaserie in May

You probably guessed it, but those countries are South Africa and the United States. The process was a long and challenging one, but was totally worth it.

Lovely morning watching wild dogs in March

I wanted to share a few photos from my recent adventures here and there, just to keep you up to speed on where I am in life right now. Currently I’m based in Bar Harbor, Maine, where I am a registered Maine Guide for sea kayaking. While there aren’t as many animals to spot in the waters of Maine as there are in the grasslands of South Africa, I’m still keeping my skills honed by looking for seals, porpoise and loons amongst millions of lobster buoys!

In October I’ll finish my season in Maine and head back to South Africa. Other big news…

2. I finally have a work permit for South Africa!
This spotted hyaena is so excited for me!

It’s only taken 5 years, but I’ve finally gotten my work permit. This means I’ll be able to freely apply for guiding positions once I’m back. In November I’ll be doing a Back-up Trails Guide Course with Lowveld Trails, then I hope to start a full time job. If you know anyone who’s hiring, let me know…!!

Wahlberg eagles in February

I’ll be writing a more detailed post about my experiences in Maine, including some recent photos, soon. Until then, have a great August!

One thought on “Exciting news (times two)!

  1. Woohoo, now that deserves a toast with some good South African wine when you head ‘home’ again! So proud of you and all that you continue to accomplish! xx


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