Botswana blog – getting prepared

In just under a month Ricky and I will drive into the Botswana wilderness. Or its wild roads, at least. To prepare, I’m doing a bit of background research. We will, after all, be out of service and contact with the rest of the world for days at a time (yay!) so writing my own guidebook ahead of time will be quite valuable.

I’ll write posts over the next few weeks on topics that I believe will help me prepare for and will further entice you to follow our journey. Here is a general snapshot of topics:

The vehicle – our trusty upgraded/modified 4×4

The country – what’s Botswana all about?

The wildlife – animals we can expect to see

The parks – where we will park each night and drive each day

The people – how citizens of Botswana interact with wildlife

The land – a closer look at the Okavango Delta and its vast ecosystem

The journey – once it’s complete, I’ll be sharing our trip map

…and more!

As always, I’ll sign off my posts with a picture or video to keep you as engaged and excited as I am. To start with something different, check out this video – a journey in Botswana with the team from Top Gear!

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