When I first tried looking for safe hiking and trail running options in Johannesburg, I had significant difficulty finding any reliable information. Was it safe for me to go alone? How long would it really take me to drive there? Could I show up on a week day? Did I need to call ahead? How much was the entry fee?

I hope to help fellow hikers/walkers/runners out there by providing more details on trails and routes in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and other areas I’ve had the pleasure of exploring.

Run isn’t just about running. It’s about getting out on the trails or on the road and feeling the solid ground beneath your feet; seeing South Africa up-close-and-personal; waving at other hikers/walkers/runners as you explore a new area.

On this page I will share some awesome hikes and running paths I’ve experienced. I’ll do my best to post detailed routes from Strava when possible, and will try to explain complicated trails better than the other pages I’ve visited.

Hikes – Johannesburg


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