Wine is pretty easy to figure out. If you enjoy imbibing occasionally, hopefully you’ll find this page helpful. Most of the references will be to my favorite wineries in the Western Cape and breweries all over; you’ll also find suggestions for bars and restaurants to recover from all the hard work you’ve put in on the trails and roads.

South Africa has some of the most delicious, affordable, and unique wines you’ll ever find. You may have heard of a grape called pinotage: developed in South Africa in 1925, pinotage is a cross between pinot noir and cinsaut (also called hermitage). A red wine, pinotage often has flavors of plum, berries, smoke, chocolate and coffee (what’s not to love?!). Chenin blanc, a white wine grape, is also quite popular here. But you don’t need to limit yourself to these two options – oh no! – South Africa is home to a number of grape varietals, the most popular being whites: chenin blanc, colombard, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay; and reds: cabernet sauvignon, syrah, pinotage, merlot. Sometimes I like to imagine it’s the wine that gives South Africa the nickname rainbow nation…

As far as breweries go, the craft and microbrewery scene is steadily growing. There are well over 150 microbreweries spread throughout South Africa’s 9 provinces. I’ll share with you some of my favorites, including breweries to visit and tour, and direct you to the best places to shop for your 5 o’clock litre!

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