Cycling paths abound in South Africa, if you know where to look.

Mountain Bike – Johannesburg

My fiancé introduced me to the joys of road cycling two years ago. I returned to the US, bought my first real road bike, and have been addicted since! I even shipped my bike to South Africa with me, wrapped in bubble wrap and piles of clothes when I first moved here. Last year I invested in a new mountain bike, and now the big decision each weekend is: road or mountain bike?

Nothing can replace the feeling you get speeding across a ridge on a mountain bike or climbing over the peak of a steep hill on your road bike. The freedom of soaring downhill, feeling like you’re flying – it’s amazing! Of course I advocate safety. Always wear a helmet, go within your comfort zone and abilities, but see how much further you can push yourself and feel the burn!

Ride is all about the trails and routes to test out on your bike, be it road or mountain. Most of the trails I’ll share are in Gauteng and surrounding areas, but I also have some advice for Cape Town and elsewhere.

The beauty of cycling in South Africa is that many airlines have affordable options for taking your bike cross country with you on that next trip – just be sure to pack it properly!

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